Art in Schools

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Across America schools have cut the Arts program. It is taking a toll on students and teachers. Like the short story “The Smile” by Ray Bradbury, it tells a story about a world without art and how society declines back to a primitive state of reality. These key points should be discussed before making a decision about cutting the program. The Arts embraces abstract thinking as well as help students focus on projects. It is a way of expression. And it helps students excel in different school subjects. The Arts should not be taken out of schools.

It makes people think outside of the box. Creativity is the top of the cognitive ladder. It persists at the three core subjects which outweigh scholar merit and importance (Rachel Sawyer, Music is the most honest expression of humankind). Art is a different form of thinking. It can have many mixed ideas in one painting or drawing. It takes creativity to make a picture. By looking at a painting or listening to music people can learn to say what cannot be said. A painting can express great sorrow without a word on the canvas (Kristen Engebretsen, Americans for the Arts). “Tom stood before the painting and looked at it for a long time. Tom Said “she’s beautiful!” He snatched a scrap of oily canvas. And there on his hand was the smile.” (Ray Bradbury, “The Smile”, pg 2).

It is a way of expression. Music expresses the inner self that we can’t find words for it conveys emotion (Rachel Sawyer, Music is the most honest expression of humankind). It expresses many different ways of life. Listening to an African song and an American song, you can hear the many different expression of the song (Debra Lindsay, joy, solace, and learning). Without these different cultural music life across the world would be dun. And without out the Arts students across the world wouldn’t know how to express themselves like the Arts allow them too. “The crowd was in full cry, their hands like so many hungry birds pecking away at the...
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