Art History Paper - “the Denial of St. Peter”

Topics: Color, Female, Left-handedness Pages: 3 (1035 words) Published: February 14, 2013
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Art History 100
I chose the artwork “The Denial of St. Peter” attributed to Master Jacomo in the early mid-17th century made using either French or Italian style which consisted of oil on canvas. The physical condition of the painting looks good for how old it is and it looks clean. The painting represents a scene of a Roman guard interrogating St. Peter and a servant girl. St. Peter denies the fact that he is a follower of Jesus to the Roman soldier as the woman looks on. When I first saw the painting my eyes focused on the left side of the painting: then the followed the rest of it while noticing a dark and suspenseful scene that focused on the actions of many beings. The male and female on the right seem to on walk or stroll while the two males on the right are more on like a night shift or patrol. The people in the light are tenser and tight guarded while the two figures in the half dark are more open and smug with their facial features. The people in the light seem to be almost trying to hide something but it seems that the guard has some sort of idea what their hiding with the expression he has on his face. The guard might have a smug look but he has his right hand clenched meaning that not only is he cocky he is also a bit angry. The woman seems to be trying to hide the older male from the guard by putting his shroud over his face. The woman is also looking to her right which could give reference that she is lying because when people look to their right it says that they are using their right side of their brain which is where their creativity is. It seems that she is trying to lie in order to hide his identity. The old male however seems to trying to reassuring the guard to clear them of any suspicion that he may have of them. He is looking straight at him without doubt of fear in his eyes. The male that is in the back is trying to get a look at the old male and female while blocking most of the light from his eyes with his right...
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