Art History 13 Essay

Topics: Florence, Renaissance, Michelangelo Pages: 4 (1196 words) Published: April 22, 2012
1-Identify the period in which this work was made. Discuss ways in which it departs from the more typical artistics concern of it period.
This is Donatello’s Mary Magdalene from the Early Renaissance period. In contrast to this period it has more medieval characteristics. It has emotional impact and expressive features of a German pieta. It does not refer any specific model. It has emotional realism associated more with medieval models than with otherwise aloof and unemotional classical precedents or Renaissance contemporaries.

2-Discuss how this painting reflects the artist’s understanding of the new theory of mathematical perspective.
This is Battle of San Romano from Early Renaissance Period by Paolo Uccello. Uccello’s obsession with perspective appealed to Lorenzo. The development of perspective intrigued the humanist, because perspective represented the rationalization of vision. In Battle of San Romano, Uccello created a composition that is made of immobilized solid forms. He foreshortened broken spears, lances and a fallen soldier and placed them along the orthogonals in a converging manner (meaning: Come together from different directions so as eventually to meet) to create base plane and then he placed larger volumes in measured intervals.  The vanishing point, located by the horse's head, creates an illusion of depth; along with Niccolo's red and gold headdress and rearing white horse, they compel the viewer to focus on the pivotal and heroic figure.  Uccello designed these works to be hung above eye level, or approximately 7 feet from the ground.  In person, it is apparent that Niccolo's arm and horse were intended to be viewed from below rather than at eye level, making him all the more imposing. This creates space to a landscape that resembles the low cultivated hillsides between Florence and Lucca. Uccello used three-dimensional form to satisfy his inventive and original imagination.

4-Identify the building or its architect. Discuss the...
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