Art/Georges Méliès

Topics: Art, Film, Aesthetics Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Angelina Ortega
ARH100 REF# 168042
March 10, 2013
Discussion 3
Artist Name: Georges Méliès
Title: A Trip to the Moon
Location: 2.97 pg. 230
1. Style: A characteristic way in which an artist or group of artists uses visual language to give work an identifiable form of visual expression. The style used in this film is definably mostly symbolism due to the film maker being a magician. The film was made to show the insight of a man by crashing a vessel into the moons right eye. 2. Propaganda: Art that promotes an ideology or a cause. This film used propaganda through magic to open the audiences’ mind to the ideas he presented through the film (wondrous sights aka Selenites). 3. Animation: Creates the movement in films by taking a still image of an object or drawing, changing it slightly for each new frame. Georges Méliès had to use animation in his films because he wanted to show the magic in his scenes (his trick effects). 4. Although animation was used for the trick effects when it came to the background it was very simple and non-animated unlike the background for Spirited Away because this films background was space to help the audience visualize the moon in space as they would in real life. 5. Experimental film: Analyze and extend the medium of film by using new technology or subject matter, and by exploring aesthetic ideas. My choice is notably defined as experimental because it uses the idea of imagination which ties into imagery and although Georges Méliès was before this time he was an innovative film maker and used animation to help by creating “dream sequences” I believe. 6. Video: Is a digital film recorded, reproduced, or broadcasted. Video artworks were used and shown by artists in galleries or art events, and usually in darkened places to help transform the space into a total environment of sound and sight helping the artist transfer his idea to the audience. 7. Digital media: It’s a form of electronic media, where data...
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