Art Gallery Project

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Art Exhibition Assignment|
Yuvan Naidoo 12C|

Everard Read Gallery.
Location of Gallery:
Jan Smuts Avenue, Johannesburg. This Gallery is a Contemporary gallery. When I visited the gallery on 11 March 2013, the gallery was mainly exhibiting works by Keith Joubert and Dylan Lewis along with a few other interesting artists. The gallery was exhibiting a wide variety of paintings and sculptures including mixed media, sculptures and furniture. Reason for choosing exhibition:

I had previously seen works on the internet by Milan painter, Alessandro Papetti. His works are amongst my favourites and I was excited to be able to see his works in real life. I selected this gallery due to its contemporary nature and my interest in contemporary art. I am also interested in the mixed media and sculpture showcased in this gallery and the high reputation of the gallery further urged me to conduct my research here. The two main artists exhibiting are highly intriguing and their works are shown all over the world, and it was therefore an honour to be able to see these works in real life.

Velaphi Mzimba- Reddish Apple, 2009, 170X170cm, Acrylic on Canvas

Chosen Art Works:
1. Alessandro Pappeti
L’AVANA II, 2004
170cm X 205cm
Oil on canvas.
L’avana II, Alessandro Pappeti
This work depicts a scene in a street with a presumably moving car in the foreground and an urban landscape in the background. This artist’s main style focuses on industrial archaeology along with an in-depth examination of the nude, bodies of ships and humans in their greatness and fragility. In Pappeti’s early life, he began his art career by studying the interiors of work-shops and depicted the way they were affected by time and later developed his style - incorporating human figures, urban landscapes and other industrial-type “scenes”. In almost all of Pappeti’s works, he makes use of calculated yet spontaneous brushstrokes clearly showcasing his talents with oil paint. He makes...
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