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ake Haber
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Around The World in 80 Days Critique

When I decided to go to the play Around the World in 80 days I was expecting a play that was funny, creative and most importantly a play with a lot of action involved. Around the world in 80 days fulfilled all of that and more. With Phileas (Ken Griggs) and Passepartout (J.Preddie Predmore) traveling through 7 different continents facing obstacles on their journey, it always kept me excited for what was going to happen next and wondering if they would make it back to England in time to win Phileas’s £20,000 bet. What stood out to me most was the performance of 4 actors and 1 actress pulling this play off in which they portrayed 39 different characters while also being able to pull off different accents for the different countries they were in, the lights they used and the way the actors utilized the stage. With all of this combined I thought the play was well wrote and even better performed which is more than what I had ever expected from this play.

When I decided to go to the play Around the World in 80 days, I didn’t have high expectations for the performance of the actors because I didn’t think 5 actors could pull off a play in which they had to portray 39 characters while having to adapt to the new character in the new setting of the world they were in while pulling off a different accent for each country they were in. But after watching the play, I was amazed that the 4 actors and 1 actress were able to play one character and then 5 minutes later change to a totally different character then the one 5 minute ag. For example when detective Fix (Torsten Hillhouse) played the role of a detective trying to arrest Phileas who was falsely accused of taking part in a bank robbery. And then 5 minutes later Torsten Hillhouse changed characters to a waiter at a bar in China serving Phileas and Passepartout tea. Another reason why I really liked the play was because of the lights. Every...
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