Art Essay on Ohio Pottery

Topics: Pottery, Ceramic art, Ceramic glaze Pages: 2 (916 words) Published: May 21, 2013 I’m writing about the Gonder Pottery Company. The Gonder Pottery Company used to be located in Zanesville, Ohio until it was sold. From late 1941 to 1957 they were producing all kinds of ceramic products such as: pots, vases, lamps, and busts. The founder of the company is Lawton Gonder who named the company after his last name. Lawton had actually been in the pottery life style for a long time he used to work for Florence Pottery in Mt. Gilead, Ohio. He used to work as the General Manager there until it burned down. The real beginning of his career was when he was 13 and he started to work for The Ohio Pottery Company and he just went on from there. During all the years that the company was operational there was no change in owner ship until he sold it and it became something else, the company had another building at one point and it was completely dedicated to creating lamp bases. But at some point in time there was a accident and the building burned down. After that they were moved to the main building and they had centralized production. There isn’t much information that was left behind about Gonder Pottery, so we don’t know how many people worked there. Now if you had wanted to buy a piece today that the company had made there is a wide variety of items and the price range is from $4 all the way to $2500! As I had mentioned earlier that there is very little information left about this company for whatever reason but from the information we do have I was able to deduce that they mostly made vases but they are known for making good lamp bases. Generally they use stoneware in all their pottery and they were known for a few of their glazes too. Their special glazes were Flambé glaze which Gonder described as “fire red with streaks of yellow” and there was the...
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