Art Essay Deception

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Art Theme Essay: Deception

The art of lying and deception has developed over centuries of mistruth, to become in today's modern world a necessity of life. Thus, the theme I chose for my body of works is deception. Deception is the act of misleading another to believe information that is false. In this case, my body of works are trying to decieve the person's perspective as if it was a surreal moment. I chose this theme because it relates to our modern society and it will give the audience a chance to reflect back on themselves. Besides optical illusion pictures, not alot of artists are known to incorporate deception, due to the fact that they are scared of not getting their message across in a competitive art industry. Therefore, it makes it more original and unique if I attempt it so I can discover my capabilities and versatility in visual arts. To begin with, I came up with this theme when I watched the mismerizing movie, "Inception", it gave me further insight on how society is being manipulated which lead to my theme.

All of my body of works reflect back to my inspiration of artists such as, Henri Rousseau and Lucian Freud. Both of whom are drawn into surrealism or post impressionism with their work. Based on Henri Rousseau's work, it depicted dreamlike imagery by being surreal and how his work was a flat, seemingly childish style. I can relate to his work since we both pay attention to detail and have the ability to retain our vision when working on a large or small scale. Whereas, Freud's work depicts subjectivity and intensity that have always set him up apart from the sober tradition characteristic of most British figurative art which usually was related to the World War. I can relate to his work since we both express different emotions in our work, however Freud has a greater contrast and texture to his work and is more capable with the materials that is given.

My first body of work is a self portrait in which I drew myself in the work. It...
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