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  • Published: December 12, 2012
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American Art Assignment Presentation
Theme: Death
Common Core Question: What does it mean to live a life of meaning and purpose? Group 4: Eleanor Danna, Corinne Lajoie, Dylan Saccone and Edwin Mercado

We chose to start with this artwork because it is one that, even though we have not discussed as a class, is found on our campus and students inconspicuously walk past each day. The title of this sculpture is Here by Sherri Kaslikowski and was created in 1996. The materials used to create this sculpture were white and black marble and can be found in the quad near the academic building. The artist’s father passed away during the evolution of this work, and this work was created as a memorial to his spirit. The artist made a statement that this work should offer “a sense of reverence for the moment at hand, a discovered oasis of peace and contemplation.” We chose to include this artwork in our collection because this artwork was created as a memorial to the artist’s father who passed away. The sculpture itself looks like a gravestone, symbolic of death. The artist chose to create this gravestone in honor of her deceased father’s spirit. The poem and the artist statement indicate that a person should feel a sense of peacefulness when they visit the stone, hinting at the peacefulness and calmness of death that comes after death. This sculpture is a place that offers peacefulness from daily troubles but also serves to the artist as a reminder of her father who has passed, keeping her father alive in her memory. What it means to live a life of meaning and purpose according to this work, in our opinion, means to reflect back on life and leave a lasting impression on those left behind. The artist’s father clearly left a mark on his daughter’s life because his daughter felt compelled to create a gravestone as a way to honor her father’s life and spirit and that life after death is meant to be peaceful. This is much like the men and women who die fighting for our...
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