Art Culture

Topics: Still life, Painting, Vanitas Pages: 2 (774 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Robischon Gallery
At the Robischon Gallery in Denver, CO, there is a painting called Koi and Nest. It was painted by David Kroll. The medium is oil on linen. The size is thirty inches by thirty inches. It has four fishes in the center and three nests on the bottom. The background is black to contrast the fishes and nests.

Fishes are orange and white while the nest is light brown. Two fishes are different by one fishes has blue spots while another has a golden tone. The colors of the eggs are different in each nest. The left nest has grey eggs. The middle nest contains blue eggs. The right nest’s eggs are gold. The nests are curvy by the bent thin lines. The fishes are smooth and curvy shapes. The subjects in the painting are organic shapes opposed to geometric because they show how the organisms and nests appear in real life. The fishes are detailed by having think lines on their skins to show the scales as texture. The painter faded the bottom of the painting grey to display a sense of ground while the upper right corner had grey to show that the painting is taking place in a room. The composition of the paining is set-up as a rising perspective because the eye goes from the nest to the fish when staring at the artwork. The content of the painting is fantasy because the fishes are floating above the nests. It seems to be taken place in a dream or creative world because logically fishes need water to live in.

The artist is trying to convey people to see a world of fiction instead of realism because one would not expect fishes to float in the air. Another unrealistic feature is nests are located in a non-nature setting opposed on a tree branch. Due to the fantasy aspects, it appears that the artist want to express creativity instead of logic. Expressing creativity is important in this work because the artist is not concern if it reflects reality to the eye. Not reflecting how the eye view things makes the painting more interesting in term of its content...
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