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Topics: Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center Pages: 2 (832 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Museum Visit (NASM)
Prof. McCormick
By Esther Margai
December 6th 2011
It’s a quite a scene when you walk through the doors of National Air and Space Museum located between Independence avenue and Jefferson street by the National Mall. One cannot help but wonder what the museum has in stored, immediately I was filled with curiosity and confusion of where to start exploring. As walked through the security check points I realized they have a welcome center; I decided to stop there for guidance and information –that was the best decision of the day! At the welcome desk I was warmly welcomed and quickly I asked how much it costs- the lady responded with humor “0.0 cents” and that was a hint my day was going to be good! I was provided a museum map (which turned out to be very helpful) and other fliers which had information about the Smithsonian Institution. The first exhibition I visited was the Milestones of Flights which had awesome artifacts such as The Apollo 11 Command Module the original one that took Neil Armstrong to the moon, the touchable moon rock, Space ship one, Ryan NYP also known as “Spirit of St. Louise” as well as Sputnik 1- the Russian science that shook the world in 1957. The most prominent artifact that really caught my attention was the Voyager, an exceptionally plotted aircraft that is designed to hang at the museum’s welcome center in a very unique manner. This was the first airplane to go around the world nonstop for approximately nine days without a stop or fuel refill! I was amazed by its captivating looks and did not stop to wonder, I kept looking at it from side to side and then I heard a voice, I was not quite sure whether the guy was talking to me or not, since the museum was crowded. Thirty second later I heard the same voice asking “excuse me miss are you interested to learn more about the Voyager” then I turned around and saw this 6.2” tall Caucasian gentleman dressed in Khaki suit wearing headphones which...
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