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Topics: Quilting, Emotion, Debut albums Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: March 6, 2013
A few weeks ago I went to the Harlingen Arts & Heritage Museum where I came across two art works (A) Fibonacci Nebula by Patricia Hobbs and (B) Basket Weave by Ann Fietelson and Ronna Erickson which will be the focus for my art critique. These beautiful quilts were my favorite of the many that were on display. They were made out of cotton and a variety of other materials.

Fibonacci Nebula is a quilt that I believe was created out of happiness and tranquility, when I first saw this quilt it made feel happy because of the swirls and the beads. This quilt consisted of beautiful colors like purple, orange, green, yellow, and a maroon color. These colors reminded me of the beautiful colors of the night. The quilt had ridges and was made of cotton and also had a type of gold treaded papers through the quilt. This one was my favorite out of the two I saw. Basket Weave was the second quilt that I choose because when I first saw it made me feel very happy. The bright colors on the patterns were very bright and consisted of pink, red, yellow, blue, orange, and green. The patterns consisted of men’s shirts some were plaid and some were stripped. The pattern on this quilt was made of square and triangles which made it a beautiful piece. I strongly feel that the two artists that created this quilt were in a happy time of their life. These two quilts were beautiful and made feel connected to them in some way or another. As evidence of a culture art connection I strongly feel that the song that fits my favorite quilt Fibonacci Nebula which was created by Patricia Hobbs is “Don’t stop Believin” by Journey. My reason for this is because when I first saw the quilt the beautiful colors and the swirls reminded me of the night world. The Swirl that was located on the quilt reminded me of the part of the song “Don’t stop believin, Hold on to the feeling, Streetlight people which made me feel happy and at ease. The ridges that were on the quilt reminded me of the bumpy roads...
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