Art Criticism - the Cornfield

Topics: Art, The Cornfield, Painting Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: February 26, 2011
Joseph Huynh
Art 1, Period 2
4 January 2010
The Cornfield
This piece was created by John Constable in the year of 1826. John Constable was English and was born and raised on the Suffolk countryside. The majority of his artwork was influenced by where he lived. He painted landscapes, for which he was famous. His artwork is still very popular today in England and the United States. Constable utilized the method of oil-on-canvas for this particular painting to further expose the detail and clearly illustrate the scenery. This painting allows people to see the simplicity of countryside living while at the same time depicting a day on the farm. Constable illustrates animals in their natural habitat, the minimal environmental damage done by man. He also depicts a child drinking from a stream, a farmer watching from afar, and many tall majestic trees. The background consists of a dark and cloudy sky, and a cornfield.

For this piece, Constable applied the art elements of value, texture, and space. He uses variant hues of greens and browns to convey to the viewer that this painting is seasonal. Although Constable composed the drawing of oil paint, when quickly observed, the paining looks almost as if it has texture in the trees, the ground, the grass, and the steam, but in reality it is implied texture, which is when a two-dimensional piece of art is made to look like it contains some form of texture, but really is just a smooth piece of paper or canvas. Space in a work of art is the three-dimensionality of a work of art. In this piece, Constable manipulates the use of size variation. Constable allows this form of art to be seen by painting the smaller trees in the background, the distant houses, the pond and an implied other plain. This element also depicts movement in the painting by the herd of sheep. As the sheep get further, they appear to get smaller, in which turn implies movement. The focal point of this piece when first viewed is the child drinking...
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