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Topics: Art, Arts, Artist Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Franchesca Marise Te
Art Congress Lecture- Laad-Linang: Sining Tungo sa Malikhaing Edukasyon
As a student of HUMAART, the lecture I attended impress me through the words of wisdom of the speaker who is a muslim national artist. Despite his cough and sickness, Dr. Abdulmari Asia Imao still chooses to speak and share his knowledge towards arts. He impressed me when he started to talk about his life experiences which include all of the hardships and downfall before he became a national artist. Moreover, he also impressed me with his achievements in arts especially when some of his paintings are flashed on the screen. The concept of his art is really wonderful and most of them are very colourful.

For me, the most outstanding feature of the lecture is that they were able to invite a national artist. Not only just a national artist, but the first muslim national artist. It is because we all know that inviting a speaker is not easy especially a national artist. Moreover, a national artist such as Dr. Imao have the knowledge in arts to open the minds of the students like me and encourage us to appreciate art more through they’re achievements. On the other hand, I think the least outstanding feature of the lecture is that it is not interactive. It is because the listeners didn’t pay their full attention. Maybe that’s why when the lecture is not yet done; there are people who leave already. To make it better, I should have participated and asked questions during the open forum and give my full attention to the speaker.

I think the main purpose of the lecture is to let the students became aware of the art month. Moreover, another purpose of the lecture is to encourage the students to appreciate arts more and give importance to it. Herewith, the lecture also tend to let the students be aware of the national artists we have in our country and make us proud of having them through their achievements. Lastly, the purpose of the lecture is also to inspire...
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