Art Commission Statement 1

Topics: Judaism, Christianity, Ten Commandments Pages: 4 (1333 words) Published: July 15, 2011
Art Commission Statement Paper

Art Commission Statement Paper
Historically, the Ten Commandments have provided civilization with reason, but are more than a simple set of guidelines. The Greeks originally named the Ten Commands “Decalogue,” because of its verification to Jesus’ word. The Ten Commandments were a promise made by Jesus to the people and if followed would not be in danger of sin. The Ten Commandments hold many moral principles people hold true even today, even in the law. The Ten Commandments have influenced changes in the world and reflect Jewish and Christian concepts in humanity as a whole. The desired piece of sculpture, art piece, or painting is what will reflect on both parties and will represent their background and cultural patterns which they have grown up to know. The Commission Statement will explain how important this work of art is to both Judaism and Christianity. Take the Ten Commandments Statue for example; if this were to be put on display in the lobby of their Historical center many would enjoy seeing it there for various reasons. The Ten Commandments statue reflects on both parties beliefs and is a great concept of their relationship with the world and with God. Nations all over the world know the Ten Commandments came from God and were read by Moses up on the mountain. But the meaning behind each Commandment goes far more into depth that ties to these religions every day. Testimony many say is what the Ten Commandments is like, Greeks can refer to it because it was made by God and was told to the people to follow. Like a set of rules, it gave people the chance to practice them and fulfill them without sinning. Of course many chose to not practice e them and sin entered their lives causing disruptions to many things in their lives. Those who put the Commandments forth had healthy and happier lives sin free. By putting this display in the lobby of a Jewish Interfaith Cultural and Historical Center, it...
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