Art Apreciation: Art Museum Visit

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Rafael Correa
Art 1301
Feb 19 2013

Art Museum Visit
Art is an activity in which a person can express his or her ideas or emotions. Many artists have done greats sculptures, paintings, and other types of art. Each one of them expresses an idea or feeling on each piece of art that they make. In my opinion I believe every piece of art is beautiful no matter how it looks like, and what really matters is what it is trying to show to the world. I choose the painting named “Jefa” (Patronessas), made by Xul Solar, which was an Argentinian artist who lived the most part of his life in Europe, this painting was made in 1923. This painting attracted my attention because I saw a cat on the middle of it. I also liked it because it was made by a South American artist, which is the continent that I came from. Even though my family comes from this continent, I do not have an idea of how art is over there, and that is why anytime I have a chance to learn more about my own culture I would not let that chance go by. Based on the information that it was provided at the museum of fine arts here at Houston, it says that this painting was made because the artist wanted to show his idea that the world could communicate with a universal language. On his thoughts, he wanted to unite all the cultures that surround the world. Xul Solar died in April of 1963 in Argentina. In conclusion, I believe this painting represents that idea of person who wanted that all the people live in peace and harmony with one another.
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