Art and Science Integration

Topics: Gekkonidae, Pet lizards, Animal Pages: 8 (1531 words) Published: March 5, 2012
Life Science Art Integration
Tammy Davis
EED 435
Instructor: Rachael Eggers
February 13, 2012

Life Science Art Integration
As we begin our unit on Animals and Their Environment, I thought it would be a good idea to include a couple of photographs and a skit. By incorporating these into our unit, we will help emphasize the importance of animal environments through visual art and performing art. Visual Art (Photographs):

This photograph illustrates the importance of camouflage when choosing an environment in which to live. Animals need to blend in with their environment to survive in certain situations. The lines in this photograph, created by the tree bark, help to draw attention to the owl. The contrast in the photograph reveals the way nature creates the perfect canvas. The texture is made apparent by the bark and the feathers which add interest to the photograph. The contrasting effect made by the owl and the tree is amazing; the bark makes it feel rough while the feathers create a soft and smooth feeling. The focal point of the photograph is the owl, although one may not recognize it at first, due to its ability to camouflage.

The gecko in this photograph helps illustrate the importance of having food and water within your environment. If the environment an animal chooses does not provide adequate food or water sources, the animal will not survive. This photograph creates balance by using the leaves to develop a sense of stability. The emphasis of the photograph is capturing the gecko licking the plant. The negative area in the photograph appears blurred and out of focus, keeping the emphasis on the gecko. The vivid colors and texture help balance the photograph while the blue eyes become a focal point.

Performing Art:
Biomes: Animals and Plants in Their Habitats
This is the first one-third of the script:
and a CHORUS composed of all students who are not playing
roles on stage at the time.
(Alarm rings. KINGSNAKE, ELEPHANT, and BEETLE run
onto stage. THEY scurry around, and then the KINGSNAKE
yells to the other two):
KINGSNAKE: Freeze! Here comes the zoo keeper!
(THEY freeze in silly positions. ZOO KEEPER runs in, looks
all around but can’t find them.)
ZOO KEEPER (after looking around the stage, to audience): Some animals have escaped from the zoo! Keep your eye out. They’re very good at hiding—especially that elephant.
(HE exits. The THREE animals unfreeze, and then run off
the other direction.)
Song 1 –
Once there were some critters
So tired of the zoo
They want back to nature
But do not have a clue.
What habitat would suit them?
What spot would be their niche?
What could they adapt to?
What place would scratch their itch?
So one dark night
They all took flight
To find a brand new home
Who could have guessed
They’re on a quest
To find the right biome.
The right biome
They’ll search day and night
The right biome
We hope they can cite the right biome.
It could be a desert
That’s hot and very dry
It could be grassland
With grass that’s four feet high.
It could be fresh water
In which you’d like to jump
It could be a forest
As long as it’s not Gump.
(ALL pause and shrug)
Yeah it could be
Some salty sea
There’s lots of life in there
They may go forth
Far to the north
To tundra cold and bare.
The right biome
They’ll search day and night
The right biome
We hope they can cite the right biome.
The right biome.
The right biome.
enter, with two LEOPARD
GECKOS right behind.)
BEETLE: Great job knocking over that fence, Elephant.
ELEPHANT: I did that?
KINGSNAKE: I thought elephants never forget.
ELEPHANT: Oh yeah. I forgot.
KINGSNAKE: Okay, Beetle, what do we do now?
BEETLE: I don’t know, King snake. I...
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