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Topics: Art, Creativity, Critical thinking Pages: 1 (1156 words) Published: March 28, 2013
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Arts, Crafts & Creativity in School-Age Child Care & Recreation| By Anna Reyner, M.A.|
'CREATIVITY'—what a wonderful word! Creativity is one of those words that is bursting with VITALITY. It's full of life, full of passion, and full of spirit. Creativity has positive associations for nearly EVERYONE. Do YOU make a habit of CREATIVITY? Do you ever think or say, “On our playground, creativity is a priority?” If creativity is one of your priorities, here are Seven Good Things for You to Know about the value of arts and crafts in child development. Seven Good Things for You to Know . . . about How the Arts Help Children Grow1.       Know the difference between arts and crafts2.       Separate art as process from art as product3.       Know about the left and right sides of the brain4.       Know how arts and crafts help children reach developmental goals5.       Know the theory of learning by doing6.       Know which skills are developed with arts and which are developed with crafts7.       Know how to define creativity 1. Know the Difference between Arts and Crafts  The process of making art and the process of making crafts are related but they are different activities. Many people think of “arts and crafts” as if they were really one process. However, practice with making a painting and making a birdhouse show us that arts and crafts are really quite different activities. While art is an open-ended or 'unstructured' activity, crafts are goal oriented or 'structured.' In the above example, painting is an art activity and a birdhouse is a craft activity. A good arts and crafts program provides both types of activities, and allows children to experiment and learn from both. Craft Activities:Are structured projects with a pre-determined goalAre project-oriented activities with a clear beginning, middle, and endInvolve assembly of 3-dimensional materials which are then...
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