Art Analysis: Vishnu and Attendants

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  • Published : October 7, 2011
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Vishnu and attendants

The name of the above art is Vishnu and attendants. The artist name is Mrs. John Leddy Jones. It was made in 1026 AD. The dimension of this art is 54*11*27 in. the geographic location from where this art is captured is India. As I went through looking all the available art, this art gained my attention. I am also the follower of Hinduism and we believe in God. The factor like its color dark brown with a pointed shape in top, and Vishnu is shown as a calm, really influence me.

As I went through the visual element of this art, I can see that there is a thin path traced by the moving point. I assume that this art occupies an area with identifiable boundaries. It is made up of from sandstone so it has got the dark brown colors. It found that the visual weight of the art is heavy and look at the symmetrical balance of the art. The art that has been made on both side of Vishnu are completely same. It has got the normal size with a unnaturalistic proportion.

This art portrays that the leading deity, Vishnu, known for preserver for old Hinduism trinity. Vishnu is surrounded by his heavenly court and he has being portrayed as a calm personality.
I believe this is the real image of Lord Vishnu. I have also know some of the facts about Lord Vishnu from my grandmother. Since his work is always acceptable, he is surrounded by many attendants. Thus, this art portrays the real image of Lord Vishnu.
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