Art 101 Week 5 Checkpoint Drawing

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  • Published : August 10, 2012
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After reviewing the drawing by Leonardo, I was kind of able to understand the creative process that his drawing projected. What I interpreted from this piece of work is that he wanted to project to the viewers that this piece clearly expresses his opinions and views, as well as the sharing and learning values within it. A multitude of aspects are projected in all of his pieces, but he remains to give attention to his main focuses which are quality, experience, and nature. In all of Leonardo completed pieces, it allows you to see how he lived his life as an artist and his other expertise’s. The way he views an individual’s physical capabilities seems to be contributed from his long list of expertise, which for its quality is enhancing it as a sign of admiration. Motion is depicted in the images that we see, like helicopters, hum-powered carriages, and military hardware. There is very many design elements Leonardo uses in his pieces, which ensure that there is creativity, quality, interest, and ideas incorporated into his pieces just for his viewers.

When I reviewed the pieces done by Michelangelo I mainly focused of the function and nature of each piece, which allowed me to see how his pieces reflect on the view of creativity. As a whole, most of know the many pieces of art and drawings connect the viewer and the artist on the feeling and thoughts each one of them has. When you look at the pieces done by Michelangelo, you would feel ambiguity, which would project the beauty of the piece and the many different aspects that occurred during his life. In Michelangelo’s pieces, you can see many different types of design elements, which helps express his creativity to his viewers.
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