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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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• Write a 300- to 350-word essay summarizing an artist’s roles as applied to your artwork. Include the following:

o A brief explanation of the four roles of the artist According to the text in Chapter 1, there are four roles of the artist: 1) they help us to see the world in new and innovative ways; 2) they create a visual record of their time and place; 3) they make functional objects and structures more pleasurable by imbuing them with beauty and meaning; and 4) they give form to the immaterial ideas and feelings.

o An explanation of why your work exemplifies one specific role, as discussed in Ch. 1 The cover illustration for Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451 is fascinating. It seems to be another version of The Man of La Mancha, except the man is covered in newspapers that are on fire. Because the book is about censorship, the choice of covering the man in newspapers that are burning makes a lot of sense to the story. Joseph Mugnaini fulfills role number one, helping the viewer see the world in new and innovative ways by taking the idea of a knight (The Man of La Mancha) and changing his armor to newspaper. This idea is like taking an old iconic character, a knight, and putting a new spin on how one should interpret his role. Perhaps the knight is on fire because he is losing his battle, just like the main character in Bradbury's novel.

o An explanation of the iconographic or symbolic significance of one work of art Two Venetian Ladies really does create a visual record of the artist's time and place. In addition capturing two women who represented that time period through their clothing, he also uses several iconic images that suggest deeper meaning. The clothing of the two women in the painting is of fine quality, and suggests that they had money. Their bodies are posed in idle...
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