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Topics: Flag of the United States, Art, English-language films Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Corrine Roe 1,012 words Art 100
Aesthetics Learning Object
The first two pictures that are being compared are Shirin Neshatb “Allegience with Wakefulness” 1994 and Jasper Johns “Three Flags” 1958. In the “Allegience with Wakefulness” is instrumentalist. It is instrumentalist because it is the writing on this person’s feet is not English and there is a gun between the person’s feet. This might be taken as things that are different from what we are used to be taken as threat. American people in general have a closed minded way of looking at things. The other aesthetic perspective for this art piece that are noted is linguistic. Linguistic are has symbols as well and the gun could also be seen as a symbol. It has words written in it too specifically on the feet. This artistic piece is powerful because it can have so many meanings to it and can mean many things to many different people. “Three Flags” is a linguistic painting. It is obvious that this is a linguistic painting because it is the American flag. The American flag is tied strongly to American culture. It is a symbol of our freedom. Imitationist is the next aesthetic perspective that is seen in this paper, obviously because it looks just like the American flag. The American flag looks like it is popping of the page because of the way they get smaller as they move forward. Both of these art pieces have a strong message behind them. The first one, “Allegience with Wakefulness” has a language in it that most Americans would not be able to understand. It also has a gun which could mean a lot of different things in this particular picture. The second picture “Three Flags” is pretty much the opposite of that. It is very recognizable for everyone in the American culture. It stands for freedom our freedom. The next two paintings that are compared are “Mystic Package” by...
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