Array: Ranch-style House and Different Real-life Situations

Topics: Ranch-style house, Structure, A Little Bit Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: July 9, 2012
Describe a situation in which you could implement an array. Describe how items in the array might be searched for or sorted. How might array applications be useful in your everyday work?

There are probably many different real-life situations in which we, the programmers of the world can find a way to implement an array-like structure into. Of course this real-life scenario would have to justify the need to sort or list information with the same types of data. For example, let’s just say I had begun to write out a search on homes that are for sale. An array could be created for different styles of homes such as Victorian, Colonial or Ranch style homes. Then another array can be created to list the homes that have two, three and four bedrooms. Another list could also be generated based on community or location. These are just some examples where an array can be used in a real-life situation.

My line of work can become very hectic at any given moment. If I was going to implement an array structure that involves my days at work, I would create an array that lists my daily scheduled tasks from morning until I go home at the end of the night. If I have this list I can keep my day a little bit more structured and organized. If any wrenches are thrown into my schedule; and this happened almost daily; I can help deal with those situations as well as accomplish my daily goals and complete my tasks for that day or any given day.
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