Arranging a Marriage in India 2

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Arranging a Marriage in India 2

By | Feb. 2011
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“Arranging a Marriage in India”
This essay has made me realize just how picky marriage should be. In the United States we are out to find the perfect marriage, where as in India they wait for the perfect marriage to find them. It doesn’t matter how long it takes them to find the marriage, it has to be perfect. In our society however if we don’t have somebody that we are close to marrying by age 30 we seem to get impatient and will make more exceptions to find the perfect person.

In India they are far more precise in finding a perfect marriage. Here we find someone that we like and give it a trial run and if they seem to fit the bill we marry them. We make exceptions, where they’re from, what their parent’s do, how much their parents make. These are things that we for the most part overlook when we are looking for someone to date, and further marry. In India a marriage would be downright unacceptable if all of these aspects weren’t thoroughly investigated and brought up to the parents of the other family.

Marriages in India also seem to be built to last. In the United States we go for the perfect marriage and if it ends up not working out then we can simply get a divorce and start anew. Where as in India divorces don’t happen, or if they do you are extremely misfortunate. In the U.S marriages can be just test runs for other marriages and for the most part it won’t truly matter if you’ve been married before. In India though, you would probably be considered much less desirable if you have been married and had gotten a divorce.

In India you could not marry someone who is in a lower caste than you because it would be as though you were taking a step back in society. In the U.S if you find someone that you love and they come from a poor family who cares, they are still a perfect person and match. If India were to consider dating I would guess that the caste system would really go to shreds, because people would finally realize that there are great people out...

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