Arranged Versus Free Choice Marriage "Research Lab"

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Arranged versus free-choice Marriages

This research project is on whether or not arranged or free-choice marriages lower your divorce rates. An arranged marriage is a marriage that is established before involving oneself in a lengthy courtship, and often involves the arrangement of someone other than the persons getting married. These marriages are relatively rare, but still numerous in the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia. While a free choice marriage is when the unity of 2 people is strictly your choice and no one can force you to marry against your will. This is the most common way for marriage which was developed mostly in the western countries such as the US and Canada.

Do arranged or free-choice marriages lower your divorce rates?

Arranged marriages should have a lower divorce rate because in the eastern countries where it is used they do not believe in divorce.

Secondary Research:
* “Arranged marriages or love marriages?” by Melody Landeros PHd * “Arranged Marriages” by Anita Jaine PHd
* “Arranged Marriages vs Love Marriages in Islam” by Lola Meriome PHd


Arranged Marriages

Pros: In arranged marriages, the decision whether to get married with a particular individual is taken with the involvement of many people. The biggest benefit is that there is a conscious attempt to match the two families as well as the bride and groom on the parameters of social status, financial strength, background, educational opportunities and similar lifestyle. This is a cool-headed decision that is thought to tremendously increase the likelihood of the marriage succeeding.

Cons: In an ideal scenario, the partners have a major say in arranged marriage. They give the final nod as to the choice of their spouse. However, things do not always go like this. In many arranged marriages, the parents and relatives are often overbearing and try to force their child into a relationship he or she...
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