Arranged Marriages

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Arranged Marriage: Argumentative Essay

Marriage is sacred event in many cultures as it joins two people together, and those two people shall live in prosperity forever---but it depends on the type of marriage. There are two marriages, arranged marriage is one where your parents or someone of authority, happily decides who you will get married to in the future. On the other hand, there is love marriage where you, yourself, decide who you are willing to marry, and of course it is your loved one. However, both of these marriages have their advantages as well as disadvantages for they both cause some major controversy on the topic of which is better. Despite the true love between two people, arranged marriage would have fewer drawbacks compared to love marriage.

In love marriages you are able to have the freedom of picking your partner, but having the option to pick your partner may come with many problems. For one, and considerably the biggest disadvantage, is that the chances of break up are far greater due to the freedom which each partner enjoys (Leung, 2007). Meaning, since both partners fully trust each other, one partner is able to take advantage of the situation and do something disgraceful to the marriage; hence the break up is at a greater chance. Not only that, love marriages can disrupt the relationship with his/her family, as the marriage with that specific may not be suitable for the family. However, the ability to choose your future partner comes as an aid for they both know better and accept each other irrespective their shortcomings or bad habits. Also, when partners are in perfect harmony, the daily chores seem like nothing and one can easily overcome marital difficulties with each other’s help (Leung, 2007). Be that as it may, love marriages are still overshadowed by the benefits of arranged marriages.

In arranged marriages, people of higher authority within your family are the deciding factors who you shall marry. Arranged marriages are...
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