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  • Published: July 1, 2012
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Arranged Marriage in India

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world which in turn encompasses a diverse and rich, cultural, historical, religious and social dichotomy. The question I posed for my annotated bibliography was “how is marriage arranged in India”. In order to understand this concept, I must delve deeper into why it is so prevalent and how it has withstood the test of time the. The historical significance of this process is important and I will discuss how it has evolved into modern and present day family life. I ponder how the selection process occurs from one cast to another. I will discuss the traditions and what Indian’s deem as the importance of mate selection when it comes to culture and economics culture, economics. The process of spouse selection is quite unique and one the Western world finds odd but intriguing. What do Indians think of the term “love” in respect of marriage?

India is one of many countries that put greater value in collectivism versus individualism. An individualistic culture put a greater value on self-reliance, personal freedom, personal autonomy, and personal initiative. The collective culture has a sense of concern for others and an interdependence that results in harmony. When one is born into a collectivism culture, that person, through birth, belongs to a family or an extended family. That family then in turn makes concessions to that person’s well-being and safeguards those individuals’ interests. Collectivism influences the beliefs that the family and its decisions they make collectively are far more important than individual freedoms and personal autonomy. This belief in the Hindu culture goes a long way in explaining how arranged marriages work. In fact, many Indian families begin marriage arrangements at the birth of a child. The Indian family is considered to be well knit, resilient, and enduring, much like those in Oriental cultures. It is not uncommon to find three generations living in...
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