Arranged and Forced Marriages in Foreign Countries Prepare and argument on Foreign Issue Should foreign Cultures be allowed to arrange and force marriage because of cultural and religious beliefs?

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  • Published: November 3, 2012
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Arranged and Forced Marriages In Foreign Countries

Marriage, the binding partnership of a woman and man; "The Happily Ever" fairytale we quietly desired one day, and continue to wish for in the lives of our children, and generations today. The biggest decision we make, but sometimes the most uneducated one of them all. From cultural traditions to religious beliefs, we plan and arrange the Wedding Event with the hope of a lifetime of successes. In everyday life we attend social gatherings with friends, family, and colleagues, humoring each other and making statements, "Let's arrange the marriage now!" We find it humorous as we share innuendos of our perceptions and opinions. We quietly desire the perfect love story for our children wishing the selfish desire to play cupid and arrange the picture perfect union of our sons and daughters. As a society we think we know what is best for our children. Lucky, for the American culture of kids and young adults we are simple and a lot more liberal in the marrying arena. Children and young adults in America are not subjected to the traditions and religious beliefs tied to marriage decisions that such families and youth are victims to in foreign countries. India is a big partaker of both arranged marriages and forced marriages backed by cultural tradition and religious beliefs. Should foreign Cultures be allowed to arrange and force marriage because of cultural and religious beliefs? Is Culture and Tradition enough to pre-arrange marriages, and force under aged girls to marry based on family and cultural tradition? Should the government provide civil protection and intervene in the personal choices made my intimate family decisions based on culture and tradition?

Over time the traditions and many customs of India have been molded and established through the history and society of Indian Culture. The uniqueness of Asia's geography and creation of India as a country has been the epic center of a melting pot of new cultures, traditions, and ideas. The National heritage stands as an enormous example of culture and social diversity. The traditions and ideas of neighboring communities have helped shape, and establish tradition in their faith, spiritual beliefs, and of course the marriage union. However rich, and deep-rooted these cultural traditions are, there are some said to be, negative, and life threatening - cultural traditions. In many countries and including India they consider it important in preserving the family honor and the purity of female daughters virginity until the day of marriage. It is an honorable tradition to maintain females pure and free of sexual intercourse up until the day of marriage even if it means pre-arranging this union. There are traditional arranged marriages that happen by mutual consent and parent scouting. You also have the forced marriage which usually comes without consent and females are often under age, and completely powerless to this union. Is there a difference and fine line with "arranged marriages" in these cultures vs. "forced marriage"? Is it tradition, culture, or religion which leads to the statistics of over ninety percent of marriages in the Indian culture to be arranged?

Religion and culture tie together the overall traditions in Asia and in India. It is a way of life and considered extremely important. India has a population of approximately one and a quarter billion people. The most dominant religion is Hindu, which makes up eighty percent. Secondly, is Islam with thirteen percent, and the minority belief system is that of the majority of the American culture, Christianity, with only two percent.

Considering Hinduism is the most prominent religion in India, the culture of marriages falls under the practices of Hindu beliefs. However sacred the Hindu marriage is according to the Hindu faith "One is not complete and considered unholy unless they marry." Arranged marriages are practiced by this religion in its entirety. The...
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