Arrange Marriage

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  • Published : November 1, 2010
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First round
We can see a lot of divorce cases happen nowadays. Certain cases that I found and I handle are mostly on couple in love marriage. From Statistic also shows that the divorce rate of arranged marriages are a lot lower than love marriage. Divorce statistics seem to strongly indicate that arranged marriages work far better than love marriages do. According to the divorce demography of, India – a country where most marriages are arranged – has one of the lowest divorce rates worldwide (1.1%) compared to 46% in the USA, which means every second US American marriage ends in divorce.

So , if I on their situation I would prefer arrange marriage than love marriage it is because we can get a lot in arrange marriage. We can focus more on family view. . Since the wishes of parents and family members are considered or even followed when choosing a partner, there will be less danger of quarrel and discord within the family. Above all, arranged marriages are less about passion and romance and more about starting a family. They will start to know each other so that the love will occur slowly and will last forever till the end. As the evidence arrange marriage are still used in this era Nowadays, it still customary in India, Africa and, to some extent, in the Middle East. i think our country also have people that are in arrange marriage.right????

2nd round
*Can love grow out of an arranged marriage?
Absolutely, and in the same way that love can grow in romance novels from a marriage of convenience. But there's more to love than finding a suitable match. Love can grow for many reasons, from lust at first sight to friendship that develops over a long period of time. . Love is also believed to grow with time by living together and adjusting to each other’s personality rather than being a product of passionate attraction It's impossible to predict whether a union will be successful. The only two people who can make it work are the bride and...
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