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Topics: Religion, Evolution, Globalization Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Our world is going on many transitional moments in its history! We are living in the years in which all is about technology. We cannot live without this instruments that have changed our lives. Mass media, new technologies, world changes, economic problems, religious issues, and political transformations are completely causes of the change of our world.

Nowadays, we may be informed of all what it is happening through social networks. This new inventions have changed the way we may think about any stuff it can be presented in our lives. We have acquired this implement so it may be a port of communication for us. Through these networks, we may obtain valuable information that may be useful in our daily activities or it may only be a source of fun in the busy life we may overcome each day.

Management has come to this field of communications in social online networks. Managers of any enterprise of business they may led, have understood that the work in social networks life Facebook, Twitter and others is more functional than the one they may have only in office. The influence that social networks may have on management is really huge because everyone in our society who has access to computers and technological instruments has a profile in at least one of these networks. In that way, these people may influence others to seek the product or service this enterprise may give to the society.

We do not live in a small society; we now live in the big society world. Management has already evolved to a global level and there are no more local enterprises and that have converted to a globalized industry. The requirements the businesses may be facing are really high because they need in a hurry an evolution in all what they do. This means that global management has to work hand-to-hand with social networks and internet because of the efficient and effectiveness they have acquired in the past years.

Our globalized world, with a new generation, with new thoughts, new...
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