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What is Aromatherapy?
Webster defines:
Aroma is a pleasant odor.
Therapy is the treatment of any physical or mental disorder by medical or physical means, usually excluding surgery. So we can say that Aromatherapy is therapeutic mentally and physical. Aroma derived from Latin and Therapy from the French work therapie how confusing is that. False Assumption:

* Aromatherapy implies that anything that is aromatic and smells good is considered healing or therapeutic Holistic Aromatherapy is the formal name and a serious field of study and practice which uses pure essential oils and other natural ingredients, that are safe when use correctly. Your favorite designer fragrance can stir your emotions with spouse/romantic partner sense of smell and those you come in contact with and even your favorite fragrance candle. Heavily fragranced candle if made from paraffin wax is dispersing toxins in the air. These are temporary sense of calm. Aromatherapy uses only natural healing ingredients. * Aromatherapy implies that it uses essential oils solely for the particular aroma and emotional effect that they deliver. Aromatherapy goes far beyond us of just inhaling even though inhaling does have a psychological and mood altering benefits. But the practice also heavily emphasizes the safe us of essential oils in skin care, hair care, and wound care and in helping to prevent and help care for illnesses such as colds and flu. Example: Lavender Essential Oil – relaxes, ease stress, calms the mind, promote sleep, help combat headaches and dizziness, and can help speed the healing of burns.

Aromatherapy uses volatile plant oils and herbs which includes essential oils, for psychological and physical well being. Essential oils are the pure essence of a plant that can be both have psychological and physical benefits when used correctly and safely. Essential oil is a blanket term to include all natural, aromatic, volatile and plant oils. Aromatherapy encourages the use of other complementary natural ingredients such as cold pressed vegetable oils, jojoba, hydrosois, herbs, milk powders, sea salt, clays and mud. Fragrance oils are not the same as essential oils. Fragrance oils and perfume oils contain synthetic chemicals and have temporary therapeutic benefits and are not harmful. The United States does not regulate the use of the word aromatherapy on packaging. You must look at the ingredient label when buying true aromatherapy products. Because a product states that it is made with Essential Oils or made with Natural Ingredients may have synthetic fragrance oils and little essential oil. By exploring the Web you can learn how to safely buy and use essential oils. You could also learn how to make your own aromatherapy products. Safety Information

Essential oils should never be used undiluted on the skin. Lavender and tea tree are oils that can be use undiluted (neat), but a trained aromatherapy practitioner should be consulted. Always do skin patch test on small areas of the skin, some oils can cause sensitization or allergic reactions in some individuals. Some oils should be avoided during pregnancy or by those with asthma, epilepsy, or with other health conditions. A seek qualified aromatherapy practitioner in your area for guidance. Less is more, if one drop will get the job done, for example , do not use two drops. Oils not suitable for use in aromatherapy are wormwood, pennyroyal, onion, camphor, horseradish, wintergreen, rue, bitter almond and sassafras should only be use by a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. Essential oils should be kept away from children, unless adult is presence and is knowledgeable about use. Essential oils should not be taken internally and are flammable

Just a reminder that if not use correctly and safely, essential oils can have a severe consequences. The Benefits:
Inhaling Essential Oils
Inhaling the oils can have psychological and physical benefits. Its can stimulates...
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