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Becoming a Nurse Practitioner Will Have a Great Impact on My Career

Becoming a Nurse Practitioner Will Have a Great Impact on My Career What Am I Seeking?
Nursing is a fast growing industry. I knew that I wanted to be part of a team that helps alleviate health care concerns. Being part of an industry that is evolving every day is very satisfying to me. As a result of being a registered nurse (RN) for almost three years, I have been able to be part of many people’s life experiences. However, my dedication and devotion for helping others does not stop here. I want to be updated with all the research and new technology that is out there in order to provide the best quality care to my patients. I want to expand my horizons and increase my knowledge. My goal is to further my education and become a nurse practitioner (NP). I am seeking to become the ultimate health care provider. Why Am I Seeking This?

The inadequate supply of adult primary care providers is a key concern facing the United States today (Paradise, Dark, & Bitler, 2011). However, the serious gap in primary health care services in the United States started during the 1960’s, when a shortage of physicians occurred. As a result, the NP movement was born in 1965 at the University of Colorado. This movement involved the preparation of nurses as primary health care providers (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008). Since the moment this movement was initiated, the NP workforce has been evolving.

Although I am seeking to become the ultimate health care provider, I want to be more in line with nursing than with medicine. In 2011, Paniagua’s research study identified that graduate physicians (GPs) work in a different style to that of advance nurse practitioners (ANPs), with ANPs working to diminish social distance from patients rather than creating it. In fact, Paradise, et al. (2011) noted that numerous studies show that patients are generally more satisfied with primary care provided...
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