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  • Published : May 1, 2011
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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Leader Research Paper
Leadership Communication

Buena Vista University
Kelsie Jo Knudson

People become leaders in many different ways. They may have been appointed a leadership position, or they may have demonstrated enough skill and knowledge so they are able to emerge into a leadership role. Sometimes, there can be a combination of the two. They demonstrated a great deal of knowledge, skill, and passion for something long enough that followers appointed them power to allow a chance to spark some action. This is exactly how Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to become the Governor of California. Schwarzenegger has had multiple successful careers that have given him a well-rounded background and enabled people from multiple cultural, educational, and occupational backgrounds to look to him as a leader in many different aspects. This paper will reflect and discuss the accomplishments and failures of Schwarzenegger’s past and present leadership roles and will predict some possibilities he may be capable of in any future positions. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Early Years

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Graz, Austria on July 30th, 1947. He always showed interest in sports, and was a promising soccer player. While training to become a better high school athlete, Schwarzenegger discovered his passion for what would bring his world to life: body building. He began to study more about anatomy and nutrition to fully understand how the body worked and how to train in order to have the best results. Schwarzenegger’s main goal throughout all of his training was to someday be able to leave his country and become successful in America.

After graduating high school in 1965, Schwarzenegger joined the Austrian army in hopes to save some money for his move to the United States. During his enlisted time, he entered and won his first bodybuilding competition and became Mr. Junior Europe. However, he left his army base without permission in order to compete and was sentence to one year in the brig. Once he was released, Schwarzenegger resumed his training and would spend up to five hours a day in the gym (“Arnold Schwarzenegger biography,” 2011).

The years of training finally paid off when Schwarzenegger won the Mr. Universe title in 1967. Schwarzenegger was, and still is, the youngest person to win this title. He was well on his way of achieving his dream of coming to America, since the following year’s competition was to take place in Miami, Florida (“Arnold Schwarzenegger biography,” 2011).

Schwarzenegger did not win the competition in 1968. However, his personal drive and passion towards weightlifting, along with his young age, caught the eye of Joe Weider. Joe Weirder was the founder of Muscle Fitness magazine, creator the International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB), and also the creator of the Mr. Olympia competition (“Bodybuilding Special,” 2011). Weider asked Schwarzenegger if he could be his personal trainer, and as such would allow Schwarzenegger to move and live with him in the United States. Schwarzenegger’s dreams had come true in a heartbeat, and he immediately moved in with Weirder. The following year at the competition, Schwarzenegger reclaimed his crown as Mr. Universe. He did not stop there. Schwarzenegger and Weider dedicated ten years to training and competing, and were able to dominate almost all of the body building competitions, including Mr. Universe, Mr. World, and Mr. Olympian (“Bodybuilding Special,” 2011).

Along with training, Schwarzenegger wanted to show he had both brains and brawn. So while he wasn’t in the weight room training, he was in classes at the University of Wisconsin, Superior. He graduated with a degree in business and economics in 1979 (“Mr. California,” 2003).

Since Schwarzenegger had studied so much about bodybuilding and nutrition, he was able to write his own articles about training and health that were published in fitness...
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