Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dream

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  • Published : April 21, 2012
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Composition II

EN 102

Narrative Essay



Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dream by Studs Terkel

Professor Matt Hlinak

Colette Marie Davion
Composition II EN 102
Assignment 2 - Page 1

Narrative Essay
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dream
Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in a small town outside of Graz in Austria, and the house he lived in was three hundred years old. Arnold had dreams. First, he wanted to be the best at something. Secondly, he wanted to live in America and experience being an American. This desire to excel consumed his dreams day and night. As a small boy, it was not necessarily his dream to be muscular, but he wanted to be significant in a way that when he spoke, everyone would listen. Arnold wanted to be recognized and influential. He needed to be special. He decided at the age of fifteen that he wanted to be the best body builder in the world as well as the “most muscular man.” Since the word “winning” meant so much to him, he did not see coming in second three times as a failure, because it singled him out as a winner. Arnold felt that he had to be the winner. After five years of hard work, this dream became a reality. Arnold earned the title of Mr. Universe, the best-built man in the world. He won this title five consecutive times. He holds the record as Mr. Olympia, the top professional body-building championship, which he won six times. No one came close to him; everyone gave up competing against Arnold. At this time, he retired. That is what he called being a winner. Arnold began his dream of becoming an American at the age of ten. He was convinced that America was a wonderful country. He felt he belonged here. He felt he had outgrown a small country like Austria. In 1968, at the age of twenty-one, this dream became a reality. America was a natural fit for Arnold, and he felt he was in heaven. He felt that there were no obstacles here to hold anyone back. If he had been reincarnated, America would have been his

Colette Marie Davion
Composition II EN 102
Assignment 2 - Page 2

country of origin. Arnold strongly believes in the Western philosophy of success, progress and wealth ninety-seven percent of the time. That philosophy keeps him focused. Only three percent of the time does he believe in Eastern philosophy. He sees this philosophy as passive. Being Number One in America gives you an advantage over the rest of the world. He wants America to understand and appreciate its advantages; the best taxes, prices and products. California is a dreamland to Arnold. It has a combination of everything he has always sought in one place. In addition to the opportunities for making money, California has the show business industry, beautiful landscapes, wonderful weather, as well as an ocean and beautiful people with tans. In the same day, you can snow ski and go visit the desert. He has always had a business mind. In high school, Arnold took mostly business classes, and after arriving here, he continued taking these courses. His English was not good, but these courses helped him improve. His vision of America centered around business and making millions of dollars in a short period of time. However, he wondered how you build and maintain a fortune. Owning real estate was the best answer for him. He bought apartment buildings, office buildings and raw land. Since real estate made money for him, real estate became his love. Arnold thinks of himself as a person with emotions, but in order to be successful, he must keep them under control. Three to four months before a competition, he was totally committed to his training and did not let other people’s problems interfere. In order to accomplish his goals, he would have to remain “emotionally cold.” He knew this was an act of selfishness.

Colette Marie Davion
Composition II EN 102
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