Arne Naess Life's Philosophy

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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The word Ecosophy is composed of two words. Eco which comes from Greek word oikos meaning ‘household’. Naess states that this can be understood as the very basis of life of earth. The root word here is ‘-sophy’ which again comes from a Greek word ‘sophia’ which literally means wisdom. Ecosophy can therefore be defined as field of science that concerns wisdom in relation to the foundation of life on earth. Ecosophy actually defines demonstrable hypotheses about what actually happens in richness and diversity of life on planet earth. From a scientific point of view, Naess states that it is interesting to observe peculiar new changes caused by gigantic human enterprises.

Naess believes that a leading responsibility of human kind today is the responsibility for the future generation. We need to use the resources available in this generation such that we do not deprive the future generations of their needs. The fundamental ecosophical subject with its own periodicals and teaching. It aims at thoughts towards the future landscapes and our imagination helps us to dwell on different possible changes. Naess believes that it is not the time to collect more data and proof on the effect of human activities on climatic changes but to act. He believes that it is better to be safe than be sorry about the environmental consequences.

He gives a vivid description of what exactly is a feeling for nature. He gives a vivid description of Norwegian nature. This depicts his immense love and concern to his community. He states that he has immense emotional attitude towards sea, mountain, forests etc. The location of the houses was determined by a need for protection of the houses against wind and also for a satisfactory scenic view of nature. Nature is referred to as ‘natur’ is Norwegian, ‘natura’ in Greek, ‘prakriti’ in Sanskrit all these have a same meaning the ‘unprocessed’ in distinction to what is beautified. Wild, imposing nature evoked a variety of culturally attitudes,...
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