Army Wives Review

Topics: Marriage, Army Wives, Spouse Pages: 1 (415 words) Published: September 29, 2011
Review on Army Wives
Army Wives is an awesome show that both men and women can enjoy and relate to. It brings reality to the war as well as the struggles that real military spouses go through daily. It tells the story of five military families. Each family has its own unique problem. The spouses of the soldiers are there to support each other and help each family to cope with the problems of life and particularly army life.

It follows the lives of four exciting women and one man; Claudia Joy Holden, Denise Sherwood, Pamela Moran, Roxy LeBlanc, and Roland Burton. Each actress or actors are vastly different yet the show would not be the same without a single one of them. Claudia Joy is used to being a general’s wife, so she knows the army almost as well as her husband. Denise tries to balance her husband’s deployment, their son, and work, unable to just stay at home anymore. Pamela’s husband is in Delta Force, so when he leaves Pam has no idea where he is or when he is coming back. Roxy is new on post, having just married Trevor and moving to South Carolina. Roland is a psychiatrist and his wife Joan has just come home from the war. Through one painfully realistic event, all five are bonded and turn to each other in times of turmoil.

Through all the heavy tears and laughter, at the heart of this show is true strength and love. These women depend on each other when times get hard, and they know who their true friends are. With the story unfolding as the episodes go on, you can’t help but anxiously wonder what will happen next.

The events in this TV series are more edgy than an average military spouse. There is always something going on to make this show interesting. It has the quickest ratings because people who are in the military continue to watch it because they can connect to the characters in this show. I know I have a stronger connection to them than most people because I’m a military spouse. This show is more intense than most military...
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