Army Team Case Analysis

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1) The Varsity team is physically superior to the JV team. Why are they losing to them?
Answer: Four elements of success for rowing teams are strength and conditioning, rowing technique, psychological dimensions and program organization as mentioned in (page 2, The Army Crew Team). The team’s negative attitude and lack of trust supports the fact that the Varsity Team possessed all three elements except the psychological variables, the most important one for a successful crew. The varsity team is constantly losing to JV team because they are working as group of individuals than team as stated in the case “the whole less than sum of parts” (page 6, The Army Crew Team).

Apart from Individual skills, synchronization and collaboration also play important factor in rowing. High level of trust and confidence among eight individual athletes in JV team is leading factor for their synchronized rowing and constant winning.

On any team, players require three types of skills; technical, strategic, and leadership (page 61, Great) but Coach P constructed matrix revealed that in Varsity team there is no leader but several team disrupters. The JV boat members, in contrast, have no team disrupters.

Although Coach P is aware of the importance of team but while crafting the team he neglected the interpersonal competencies (page 7, Team Process Case). This certainly is causing Varsity members to accuse each other publicly during a CEB team building session. In contrast JV members have made global comments about details that everyone needed to practice.

Lack of team spirit is another reason for their failure. Varsity members feel they are alone: “I am the only one carrying the boat” in contrast JV members are not willing to move to Varsity team which is the evidence of cohesive team.

The Varsity members have negative attitude towards improvement as we can see during CBP team building session few members showed resentment towards the process (Page 8, The Army Crew...
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