Army Safety

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Appendix A

Section I
Required Publications
AR 385–10
The Army Safety Program

AR 385–40
Accident Reporting and Records

DA PAM 385–10
The Army Safety Program

DA PAM 385–40
Army Accident Investigation and

DA PAM 385–64
Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards

DA PAM 385–90
Army Aviation Accident Prevention Program

FM 5–19
Composite Risk Management

Section II
Related Publications
A related publication is a source of additional information. The user does not have to read it to understand this publication. AR 40–5
Preventive Medicine

AR 385–63
Range Safety (MCO 3570.1B)

AR 420–90
Fire and Emergency Services

AR 600–55
The Army Driver and Operator Standardization Program (Selection, Training, Testing, and Licensing)

DA Pam 40–501
Hearing Conservation Program

DA PAM 738–750
Functional Users Manual for the Army Maintenance Management Systems (TAMMS)

DA PAM 738–751
Functional Users Manual for the Army Maintenance Management System - Aviation (TAMMS–A) FM 10–67–1
Concepts and Equipment of Petroleum Operations

FM 101–5
Staff Organization and Operations

Cold Injury

TB MED 507
Heat Stress Control and Heat Casualty Management

TC 11–6
Grounding Techniques

TC 21–21
Water Survival Training

TC 21–305
Training Program for Wheeled Vehicle Accident Avoidance

CD 20–13
Risk Management Chain Teaching (Available by request from US Army Combat Readiness / Safety Center, Ft Rucker, AL 36362–5363.)

Collateral Duty Safety and Health Course, US Army Combat Readiness / Safety Center (Available by request from U.S. Army Combat Readiness / Safety Center, Ft Rucker, AL 36362–5363.)

Leaders Guide to Crew Endurance
US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory (

Center for Lessons Learned (CALL) Newsletter No. 99–5
Risk Management for Brigades and Battalions: Task Force XXI Update (

Section III
Prescribed Forms
This section contains no entries at this time.

Section IV
Referenced Forms

DA Form 285 Series
US Army Accident Report

DA Form 2397 Series
Technical Report of US Army Aircraft Accident

Appendix B
Guide to Preparing a Pre-Accident Plan

B–1. Accidents generally occur when they are least expected Accidents generally occur when they are least expected; therefore, confusion can occur at the accident site, and valuable time and critical evidence may be lost or overlooked. The pre-accident plan is a tool to ensure that critical aspects of rescue and investigation are performed in a timely and efficient manner. This appendix is intended to assist commanders and USO/NCOs in establishing a pre-accident plan. It is not intended to be all-inclusive or restrictive and may be tailored to meet the requirements of the unit. However, every pre-accident plan should include the following: a. Responsibilities of all offices and individuals with a role to play in accident response.

b. Procedures to ensure coordination among all personnel with responsibilities in the pre-accident plan.

c. Procedures to activate the pre-accident plan.

d. Lifesaving and evacuation procedures for injured personnel.

e. Procedures for securing the accident site and rendering it free from explosives and environmental hazards.

f. Procedures for notifying the chain of command, with current telephone numbers.

g. Guidelines for identifying witnesses and people involved in the accident, as well as taking initial statements.

h. Policy and procedures regarding the timely taking of toxicology fluid samples by medical personnel.

i. Requirements for periodic (at least annual) testing of the pre-accident plan.

B–2. The assignment of specific responsibilities is the heart of the pre-accident plan The following list of responsibilities provides guidance for developing this plan: a. The operations center will activate the plan and will—

(1) Contact the emergency medical treatment staff,...
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