Army Profession of Arms

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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The Army Profession of Arms

Write an argumentative essay that addresses whether the Army is a profession of arms, what the criteria is, and what it means to be a member of that profession. Refresh and renew our understanding

To understand whether the Army is a profession of arms, we must understand the term profession and what it takes to be a professional. “Professions use inspirational, intrinsic factors like the life-long pursuit of expert knowledge, the privilege and honor of service, camaraderie, and the status of membership in an ancient, honorable, and revered occupation. This is what motivates true professionals; it‘s why a profession like ours is considered a calling—not a job.” Do Army have a life-long pursuit of knowledge?

Is it a calling, all volunteer army
Is the Army a profession of Arms?

“Professions produce uniquely expert work, not routine or repetitive work. Effectiveness, rather than pure efficiency, is the key to the work of professionals”. With the long wars, we have lost the knowledge and to refresh and rene

The army as an organization: “the Army is a producing organization—producing ―the human expertise, embodied in leaders and their units, of effective military power for land campaigns.” The Army has the characteristics of an organization and a profession. “ Learning from our history of post-conflict transitions, we must not allow these professional traits to suffer—because today we are in an era of persistent conflict. There will be no ―peace dividend‖ or ―post-conflict‖ opportunity to relax our guard”

Life-long pursuit of knowledge is one criteria of being a professional. This criteria has been tested during the past decade of conflict. Although we have expanded our knowledge of counter insurgency, we have lacked basic concepts of professionalism.

Ethics-“The Profession of Arms is unique because of the lethality of our weapons and our...
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