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Management and the Army
Mark Bietsch
MGT330: Management for Organizations (BAC1250A)
Professor Moore
28 July 2013

Management and the Army
The Army has a very well organized structure that has many different elements within its structure. The Army uses many different regulations that cover the way it runs its organization to ensure it maintains and improves the way it is managed. The Army uses the Human Resources Command Center (HRC) which is to execute career management, sustainment, distribution, and transitions of personnel in order to ensure optimal Army personnel readiness ( This allows leaders to development, and strengthens the way the Army works. Management is a very important because it allows an organization to be successful, agile and versatile.

The purpose of the Total Army Quality Management is to establish procedures, policy, and responsibility. It is the regulation the Army uses to emphasize commitment to performance excellence through leadership and vision, mission and customer focus, employee empowerment, and continuous improvements (Department of the Army, 2002, p. 5). Leadership is really important in the military. Leadership means influencing behaviors in an organization (Reilly, Minnick, & Baack, 2011). In the Army it is very important that a leader is able to influence a person to do a job. As a leader we know we will never have someone do something we have not already done ourselves. Military leaders have to lead from the front because without direction some Soldiers would be lost. Not every management theory will have an application in the Army. However, the Army and private companies are both dependent upon good management, efficient resource management, and quality personnel for continued existence. Every soldier is critical to mission success or failure. Accountability to job accomplishment is at the forefront of leadership. Army leaders need to take more responsibility for the actions of soldiers under them and ensure they are trained to meet the requirements needed before the mission is to start.

Planning is a big part in the military, without proper planning a lot of things go wrong in the military. There are a lot of moving parts just for one soldier to fire a weapon down range. You have to have schedule the range, ammo pick up, food, shelter from weather, medical and equipment to set range up with. This is a lot of work for one person to do without proper planning. During Desert Storm in 1990, we had to move equipment from our military installation to the seaport to ship overseas. Once we all arrived in Saudi Arabia we had to build a camp site, get supplies, ammo, fuel and everything we needed to be self sustained for a month. This takes planning from everybody from the highest level to the lowest level. Planning also deals with safety or residual risks.

The Army uses Composite Risk Management during the planning of training to maintain a safe environment for all Soldiers to work in. Mitigation of risk helps maintain a low level of accidents that might accrue during training. The Army also uses the Center for Lessons Learned (CALL); this is used to share information from other organizations that publish critiques of Army strategy and methods, for research and development. The Army Center for Lessons Learned is very useful to the Army. It is a very valuable asset that serves to correct mistakes and keeps our leadership current with the best information needed to mission accomplishment. Private business also does the same thing, sends information to all it business to inform them what, where, when, why, and who something happened so that way they know not to do it again.

In the Army we always use strength and weakness to determine our level of readiness. Some areas we may be really strong or trained in and some other areas we may be weak or untrained in. In order to examine our...
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