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Topics: Foreign object damage, Left-wing politics, Jet engine Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: December 19, 2012
The Importance of Accountability is so you know where everyone and everything is at, at all times. It is also necessary to have accountability to make sure everything and everyone that your in charge of is secure and where they are supposed to be. When you have accountability it is easier to track down people or items if you were to need a person or item for anything. Being accountable means being dependable, showing up to work and to appointments on time, meeting deadlines, being at the right place and at the right time and doing the right thing. Accountability is not only for keeping track of other people it can also mean keeping track of money, gear, legal documents, and many other things. Ways you can help improve accountability is have every person’s phone number and also the buddy system is a good way to find out where someone will be. I think the whole reason for having accountability is so we get to work on time, so we stay safe and if a person were to get into trouble someone could come and help that person out. It is also helpful to have a cell phone so you can always be reached. If you always have a hundred percent accountability you will never have any problems like wondering where someone or something is or wondering why something missing. If you ever have a problem like that then it is because you are not doing a very good job at keeping track of anything. Personal accountability of all of your equipment, gear, and paperwork insures that you leave nothing behind.

It is also important that nothing is left on the aircraft after maintains that will become FOD- Foreign object debris. FOD is a dangerous thing that can damage aircraft or worse kill soldiers. FOD is anything from a nut, a rock or a tool. FOD has no limit to what it can be. For that reason you always have to do a FOD check and a tool box inventory after every time you work on an aircraft. Some troops and companies have there whole troop or company walk the flight line looking for FOD. FOD...
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