Arms Limitations Talks

Topics: Cold War, Nuclear weapon, Intercontinental ballistic missile Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: February 18, 2013
The arms limitations talks played a big role in reducing tensions during the Cold war for example the United States and the USSR, helped relieve the public about an outbreak of a nuclear war and significantly reduced the number of nuclear weapons in the world.

The arms limitation talks reduced tension during the Cold War by promoting the idea of peace. The first talks about arms limitations tried to reduce tensions between the United States and the USSR. Although these talks did not seem to be effective at first (SALT I) they brought up an idea. Later on when the SALT II was introduced which was more effective. The SALT II agreement really strengthened ties between the USSR and the United States. This agreement reduced the number of nuclear weapons of each side because they had enough to destroy the world multiple times over. In conclusion when the number of nuclear weapons was reduced this really created a more peaceful world.

The world was a more peaceful place as a new Intermediate- Range- Nuclear Forces Treaty. While this treaty reduced tension it also calmed down the general public from countries other then the United States and the USSR. The way this was achieved was by eliminating intermediate range missiles. As this happened specifically Europe happened to get calmer because since the superpowers didn’t have any missiles that could attack them they felt safer. By getting rid of these intermediate range weapons it reduced tension as well as made the people in Europe feel safer.

Until the SALT II there weren’t any treaties that significantly reduced the number of nuclear weapons. In Source A which talked about SALT I and II achieved what they were set out to do. Source B showed what the SALT I agreement did by limiting the number of nuclear weapons although it shows that the USSR has more the United States had better technology so to even it out the treaty gave the USSR more ICBM’s. Although the SALT I took a big step towards the reduction of...
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