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Armour Construction

By | May 2011
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Plastic Armor Construction

Kingdom armor requirements:


Duke Cosmo Craven from Atenveldt came up with the original pattern for the torso plates and Sir Jean Paul de Sens passed it on to me.


Previously constructed vest/pants

Armor pattern pieces (measure to fit)

4x8x1/8 ABS Black plastic - $32

Painters Tape

Black Marker

Bath Towel

Duct Tape

Industrial strength Velcro – (Wal-Mart carries this)



StoneKeep Armory:


Western Plastics:

Cloth Vest and Pants:

Any sturdy, non-stretchable material will work for this part. Something that can breathe is preferable for heat reasons. One thing to take into consideration; however, is that the cloth pieces need to be large enough to hold the armor plates and whatever padding you will want.

For the Vest, any type of torso covering: overcoat, vest, etc. I have even seen everything from a sewn overcoat to a sleeveless T-shirt used.

For the pants, any design that has legs will work. I bought martial art GI pants and use them.

As long as it can hold the armor plates, it should work.


1 - Sew or buy your Vest and Pants Pattern - Do NOT add in Velcro strips

2 - Size and Cut the Basic Armor Pattern that’s included in this packet

3 - Cover a part of the plastic sheet with the Painters Tape

[pic] [pic]

4 - Trace the armor pattern onto the painters tape with the black Marker (make it a size or 2 too large, it’s easier to remove than add to)

[pic] [pic]

5 - Cut the patterns out with a jig saw

6 - Remove the tape from the plastic

*From this step until the armor is finished being molded you will need two...

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