Armed Forces

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Niccolo Ortega

Armed Forces
Any of you like partying? Having the time of your life using drugs and alcohol? If so then the military is not for you. On a serious note, do you ever wonder what you would do after college? Even with a college degree? We are all aware of the shortage of jobs and now-a-days college degree aren’t enough. Well in the military, entering with a college degree gives you a higher rank. Being in the military also gives you good pay, good benefits and a chance to see the world and different kinds of girls. There are four branches of the armed forces: Marines, Navy, Air Force and the Army. Each branch differs in what they do.

The Marines are first in line in battle and have the most difficult boot camp out of the four branches. If for example, you go through Army boot camp and decided to switch to the Marines, then you would have to do the Marines boot camp as well. But if you undergo Marine boot camp and decide to switch to any other branch, you can do so with ease. Marines are considered to be the “expendable” group out of the all the branches. Having jobs such as gunners, tank drivers and bomb diffusers, which are jobs that are irrelevant to the civilian world. Specializing in these areas, make it difficult to obtain a job outside the military. This is why the marines are sometimes seen as the first in line of all the branches of the armed forces.

The next branch I will be discussing is the Navy. This branch deals with the training and equipping people to be capable of wining wars, deterring aggression, and maintaining freedom of the seas. Those who join are out on sea for about a year, going to different ports scattered throughout the world. They could stay a couple hours, overnight or even a whole month on each port. This is perfect for people who love to travel and want to see the different parts of the world. Also, on a different note, those enlisted in the Navy can ship anything to their residences for...
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