Arman Consultants Scope Statement

Topics: Project management, Management, Procurement Pages: 10 (1585 words) Published: February 11, 2013

Note: Any work not explicitly included in the Project Scope Statement is implicitly excluded from the project.

|Project Name: Development of the Time control unit in Procurement Dept. | | |Prepared by: S. Hosseinipour, S. Yaghoubian, R. Tadayyon, A. Alinia, T. Mousavi | | |Date (11/1/2008): | |

|Version History | |Version |Date |Comments | | |(MM/DD/YYYY) | | |0 |11/1/2008 | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

|1. Executive Summary | |The purpose of this Project is to provide key stakeholders and project team members with an understanding of necessity of Development of the | |Time control unit in Procurement Dept. Specifically, the document is intended to: | |Provide a single document summarizing the Development of the Time control unit in Procurement Dept. project | |provide an understanding of why the project is being conducted | |identify what results the project will deliver and | |how the project will deliver those results | |Time Control Management is a key activity to timely managing Project procurement processes and referring to criticalities and time | |limitations of oil, gas and petrochemical projects, development of such unit will help us to improve productivity and avoid extra charges | |which are due to delays in timely delivery of material to construction team for starting relevant activities. Furthermore working within the | |forecasted budget and increase in the margin of profit in assistance with Value Engineering will remarkably help improvement of company | |resume among other competitors. | |The main objective of this Project is to control procurement activities in order to keep them in line with defined project milestones, within| |the limited budget and limited man hours with improvement in quality of work....
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