Aristotle on the Bible

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  • Published : December 17, 2009
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Aristotle on Genesis

Genesis is about how people and the things on earth come to be. God created all according to the Bible. Aristotle argues about how thing come to be and evolve in the book Physics. In Ethics Aristotle talks about how people should act and how they should conduct themselves and in the Bible it also makes reference to how people act and the consequences of their actions. Virtue is what Aristotle talks about in Ethics and how people become virtuous. Aristotle’s ideas contradict some of the ideas in the bible which causes Christians to ban some of his work. If Aristotle told the first book of the bible Genesis in his own words, though it would be different, it would be similar and have some of the main points it all ready has.

Aristotle would say that God causes all motion in nature, because he believed that god is the unmovable mover. Aristotle believes that things transform from their adolescent stage to their maturity stage of life. He says that the adolescent form works its way up to maturity. He believes that the mature form of something existed first. So Aristotle basically believed that the chicken came before the egg. In the bible it talks about creation and how God created heaven and the earth and he created man and woman first in their mature stage and then they produced children in their adolescent forms. When God created everything he created them in their mature form before he named them. Aristotle doesn’t believe that one thing created the heavens and the earth because you can’t create what already exists. Aristotle would say that god created man first in likeness of himself.

Aristotle would say that God made people to govern over all because they have rationality and morality. A person’s rational is their supreme good. He would argue that God made plants then he made animals then lastly he made man the most difficult and supreme being on earth. God sets no rules on Adam and Eve because they are truly virtuous so they...
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