Aristotle Essay

Topics: Ethics, Moral relativism, Relativism Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: April 10, 2013
A relativist would react to “What makes you happy might be one thing, but what makes another person happy could be entirely different, so do not impose your lifestyle on other people” by agreeing with the statement about not inflicting your lifestyle on someone else. Relativists believe you cannot urge morality on others. Even if it is someone who you share a primary relationship with, you can not make any judgement on what decisions they make. Relativists do not judge others, so if something very immoral makes you happy, a relativist can not impose on your choice of being immoral. Relativism says that all culture is good and all culture is bad; it’s the same thing as happiness, it can be good or bad but you can not judge a persons happiness whether it is good or bad. Overall, a relativist would never impose on someone’s lifestyle even if something totally different makes them happy, or even if what makes one happy is completely wrong and immoral.

Aristotle’s beliefs are somewhat different than a moral relativists. Aristotle believed that a good life is a happy life, and that happiness and virtue are directly related. Virtue is the ultimate goal that everyone should strive for. If what makes you happy is good and moral, then it is acceptable to impose your lifestyle on other people. Aristotle would disagree with the moral relativists standpoint because a good life should make anyone happy, while moral relativists believe each persons happiness can come from completely different ways of life. For example, someone who finds happiness from stealing does not live a virtuous life, and they should not impose their lifestyle on others. From the prompt, Aristotle would answer a moral relativist; if what makes you happy is a good thing that will help you become a virtuous person you can impose your lifestyle on other people, however if your happiness is immoral and negative you should not impose it on others.
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