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Categorization of Friendship
In this essay I will be discussing Aristotle’s different types of friendship. “By friendship (philia) Aristotle typically means the mutually acknowledged and reciprocal relation of good will and affection that exists among individuals who share an interest in each other on the basis of virtue, pleasure and utility.” (Sherman, 1987) In my opinion Aristotle’s friendship of virtue is the most respectful relationship of every mankind. I will first explain Aristotle’s two different types of friendship: incomplete and complete friendship. Second, I would explain Aristotle’s friendship is based on an individual’s character. Finally I will conclude my essay by presenting an argument that friendship doesn’t need to be categorize as even the incomplete friendship provides individual with at least a companion.

Friendship for ages has been considered the most pious relationship. Since natural relationship like parent-child, siblings and relatives are given to us by birth, whereas friends are the ones that we choose in our lives. Therefore, elders always warn the younger ones to choose their friends wisely. Aristotle categorise friendship as incomplete and complete friendship. He further divides incomplete friendship in two types; friendship for utility and friendship for pleasure. The friendship that’s sole purpose is utility or pleasure, is a friendships for short term that only lasts as long as an individual seeks some kind of goods or pleasure from another.

Friendship for utility: It is a type of incomplete friendship in which two parties agree to be in a relationship for exchange of some kind of goods or services. The main motive behind such friendship is to seek benefits for personal growth. Such individuals spend less time together because there is no need to mingle with each other unless there is any personal benefit out of their meetings. According to Aristotle these are witty people who seek interest in their benefit...
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