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Name: Charlene Haynes (Amanda)
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Subject: Performance Analysis
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Aristotle was born in north Greece and was a famous Greek philosopher. He was the first recorded Theatre Critic. Most of today’s plays follow the structure of the popular Elements and three Unities which Aristotle considered as important. These elements and unities were documented in his well-known book ‘The poetics’. Firstly we will touch on the six elements of drama which are: plot, character, diction, thought, spectacle and song. The plot of the play is considered as the storyline of a drama, movie or performance. Also known as the ‘Action’, the plot seemingly paves a way for the remainder of elements to fall into place. Plots should include some sort of conflict. Characters are people in the play who help develop the plot. The characters are not only distinctive elements of a play because of their many qualities but they also are the main focus when trying to piece together the plot. Diction or language is not seen as what the characters speak, it is how they speak and how this speech can be put into context. The language helps the plot or action to move along smoothly.

Thought is considered as the meaning of the play rather than what happens. This can sometimes be stated in a title of a performance and by the way an actor portray a specific character. The thought can also be a little less obvious and may only be discovered after studying or analysing the performance. The spectacle of theatre includes props, scenery, costumes and special effects in any performance. The spectacle can make or break a performance depending on how well the above mentioned are executed. Music or song has been used from Greek times to portray a character or to prepare the audience for a climax in the plot. The music can add to the...
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