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• To design in detail, amplifying the tender drawing by further drawing, which is instruction to the contractor under the contract. • To redesign if there are varied requirement of the promoter or change site condition. • To supervise the engineer representative (RE).

• To issue the engineer certificates for interim payment to the contractor. RESIDENT ENGINEER
• To watch and supervise on a day to day basis the contraction and maintenance of the project. Mengawasi/menjaga kerja-kerja harian dan penyelenggaraan di tapak projek. • To organize his work to suit the approved programme. Memetapkan pekerjaan yang sesuai berdasarkan kepada apa yang telah diluluskan • To co-operate closely with contractor on matters of safety. Bekerjasama dengan pihak kontraktor bagi hal-hal berkaitan keselamatan • To record the progress of work in comparison with the programme. Memastikan kerja-kerja projek mengikut perancangan berdasarkan kemajuan kerja. CHIEF ENGINEER

• Responsible for the quality and accuracy of the works through the section engineer. • Responsible the local design there may be needed.
• To check the coordination of the drawings.
• Progress and production planning.
• Report the chief engineer on the quality, accuracy and control of works. • Must liaise with the foreman to plan the work of his section to be executed daily, weekly and monthly. • Responsible to reporting matters of detail to the measurement engineer or the quantity surveyor. PROMOTER

• Responsible to providing funds for the execution.
Bertanggunjawap dalam mengeluarkan dana bagi projek.
• As the ‘employer’ in ICE conditions of contract. sebagai seorang majikan didalam kontrak ICE
• As the ‘purchaser’. – sebagai pembeli.
• To have overall engineering responsibility for the investigation and...
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